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Craig Piscopink Golf Academy based at Eagle Crest Golf Club in Ypsilanti, MI has been helping golfers at all levels to victories since 2010. Craig Piscopink is a mental and coaching Performance Specialist and a member of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA) teaching professional. Craig successfully completed the Professional Golf Management Program at Ferris State University and is an accomplished golfer himself. Craig was Champian of the Publix State Match Play Champion and Player Ability Record Hold, 64, 67 -13 under par. Craig’s extensive experience includes:

Professional Experience

  • Dr. Kwon’s Golf Biomechanics Training Program

  • Sean Foley, Jim Flick, Tony and Larry Zeigler: Personal lessons and work experience

  • Dr. Moore – Sport Psychology 15 year with Bob Rotella

  • Psychology of Teaching – Dr Van Treese (over 50 hours)

  • Jim Flick – Work experience and junior camps

  • Greg Owen – Observed teaching and seminars

  • Claude Harmon III,  Mike Malaska, Mark Blackburn, David Leadbetter, Chuck Cook, Todd Anderson, Mike Adams, Martin Hall and David Toms, Bob Toski- Seminars

  • Hank Haney and Jim Hardy – Swing plane

  • Stan Utley, Dave Stockton and Dave Pelz- Short game and putting

  • Pia Nillson and Lynn Marriott – Vision 54

  • Michael Hebron – Motor Learning

  • Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett – Stack and Tilt

  • Aim Point Putting

0 Wins Under Craig Piscopink



  • Precise ball flight data

  • Ball spin, smash, launch angle

  • Club speed and attack angle

  • Club path and angle

  • Know your numbers


  • Video analyses software

  • Slow motion video

  • See what to do

  • Compare swings

  • See pro swings side by side


  • Force plate data

  • Track ground interaction

  • Weight shift in real time

  • Insight on how to improve

  • Check body mechanics

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