I believe the best way to change unwanted swing habits is to focus on the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms.

Each student should be taught in a way specifically customized to their individual learning needs.

I have developed my system of teaching from how to develop a motor skill, not a golf swing. It’s all the same whether it’s learning to play guitar or learning a tennis stroke, “one step at a time”

Its Technique, Technique, Technique

I do NOT believe you have to rebuild a golf swing to strike the ball better, nor do I believe in starting over or from the beginning………

Using a less is more approach, I believe it helps the student play golf as usual through swing adjustments.

The lower the handicap, the more I use and take what the student has, not reinvent his or her swing. I just focus on making the swing more efficient and repeatable.

I also believe the golf swing should be taught and developed with the mindset and attitude of delayed gratification for long-term benefits. If we take the time and learn the correct LAWS and PRINCIPLES of the golf swing changes become more permanent…………

  • Learning, and understanding your golf swing, not someone else or by modeling

  • How to shoot lower scores

  • Hitting solid golf shots

  • Creating good misses, limited amount of ball dispersion

  • Having one directional miss

  • Having fun and enjoying the journey of learning

  • Geometry – understanding how angles affect shot patterns and body movements

  • Principles of Biomechanics – mechanic and sequencing of body motion

  • Anatomy and Physiology – structure and function of human body

  • Ball Flight Laws – face angles, swing paths and angle of attack

  • Equipment – influences prior and during swing

  • Physics – understanding mechanics, motions and forces

  • Overcoming and preventing injuries

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